African American Thinkers at Big Think

Over the weekend I happened upon the site, Big Think.  Not sure how to describe other than to say, it reminds me of TED. The experts section is chalk full of folk waxing about arts & culture, history, identity, media, politics & policy and much more.

I loved watching/listening to Nell Irvin Painter’s musings on her “Encore Career in Art.” Those of you in the academy may know that Painter has a Harvard Ph.D. in history and is a Princeton University emerita history professor.  Since retiring Painter has earned a BFA in painting and is currently working on an MFA.  How cool is that?

I also enjoyed author/blogger Ta-Nehisi Coates’ video.  In the segment on “The Power of Blogging,” he  says that “…a good blogger is a curator.  He or she tells their audience what they should be looking at…what’s worth their time in a given day while also offering commentary on various things.”

When you have time checkout the videos of Van Jones, Annette Gordon-Reed, Stephon Alexander, Anna Deavere Smith, and poets Rita Dove and Elizabeth Alexander.  If you only have five minutes take a look at Alexander’s segment on African American poetry.

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