All that Jazz

A couple of weeks ago I promised to share some of my favorite music artists and since this is the last week of Black Music Month, I shall do so now!   If I owe my appreciation of classical music to my mom, I suppose my love of jazz comes from my dad.  My interests are broad , so I’ll focus on just three of my favorite vocalists.

I have loved Cassandra Wilson since I saw her perform in Wynton Marsalis’ “Blood on the Fields” at Yale University in 1997.   Since then, I’ve seen her in concert a few times and she is an amazing performer.

Jeanne Lee, also discovered when I lived in New Haven, is another favorite.  Back in the day, my clock radio was always tuned to NPR and set to come on very early in the morning.  One morning, I heard this beautiful voice I had never heard before. I woke just enough to scribble the name of the vocalist on a piece of paper, then went back to sleep.  A few months later,  I was in San Francisco and remember telling my dad I wanted to find a CD by Jeanne Lee.  I don’t remember where we went, but we managed to find After Hours: Jeanne Lee and Mal Waldron.  Love it!  You can hear samples on YouTube.

Finally, Nina Simone‘s career spanned 50 years and is probably one of the most provocative artists of her time. One of my most favorites songs by Ms. Simone is Feelin’ Good.  I so wish I could have seen her in concert.

Dear Reader, who’s your favorite jazz singer?  Leave a comment.

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One Response to All that Jazz

  1. Deborah says:

    My choices won’t surprise anyone. I adore Sara Vaughan. Especially her scat version of Autumn Leaves which can be found on Youtube. And although Lady Day’s voice doesn’t suit everyone I love it! In her voice is the texture of life itself.

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