Jumping the Broom

Luke Eshleman, Photographer http://www.lukeesh.com

On this last day of June, the month in which many people marry, this post pays homage to weddings or put another way, jumping the broom.  Yeah, I know weddings don’t necessarily have a lot to do with African American history and culture, but indulge me for a  moment.

If you like to read about other folks nuptials there are plenty of places around the web to do so.  Every Wednesday, Essence.com updates it’s Bridal Bliss column.  This week a lovely couple from Charlotte is featured.  The chapel where they married is charming inside and out and the photos are very sweet, including the one accompanying this post.  If you like photography and weddings, The Bride’s Cafe is a treat.  While the site features couples of all colors, the creative genius responsible for the site is a sister, flora designer Janie Medley.  Occasionally the New York Times will feature an African American couple in their Sunday Vows column, like the couple who married at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem and featured in the 2007.  Sometimes couples are not the main feature, but get a lot of ink anyway, like the couple featured last Sunday.  The Washington Post’s answer to NYT’s Vows is their On Love column, also published on Sundays.  One difference between the two is that On Love features a photo gallery, whereas Vows usually has just one or two photos.  In addition to the main On Love story, there are often shorter profiles of the recently married. (And a little secret, you can usually read the new profiles in both papers on online on Friday before the Sunday paper is published.)

So there you have it, some really cool sites. If you’re in the middle of planning a wedding, maybe some will inspire.  If not…well, there’s always the joy of livin’ vicariously.

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2 Responses to Jumping the Broom

  1. omahree says:

    Did you see the movie yet? I understand that it is a must addition to your collection. Thanks for all of the tidbits. Keep them coming.

    Golden Girl #1

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